Segovia, protagonist in the star series at the end of the year

Segovia, protagonist in the star series at the end of the year

Segovia will have a leading role in the final sprint of 2020 of the streaming platforms, which have the last releases of a year in the oven about to release, which, with the pandemic, has finished catapult the 'series phenomenon'. Its consumption skyrocketed during confinement for the enjoyment of HBO, Netflix, Movistar + or Amazon Prime, which have multiplied their number of subscribers and are now preparing for a Christmas that promises to become the most homelike in decades.

Among the titles that are on the launching ramp to give the last bite to this 2020 are at least two that have been shot in Segovia, perfectly recognizable in the 'trailers' and the promotional images that have begun to spread to warm up engines and hook viewers. The arcaded square and the unique streets of Pedraza are unmistakable in the first images that have been seen of '30 coins', one of the most anticipated series. The combination of the HBO label with the director Álex de la Iglesia generated great expectations and the 'trailer' and the product bill that promises ends up putting long teeth.

Its premiere, which will take place on November 29 on the aforementioned platform, will be experienced with a special emotion in Pedraza, where its cast of actors shot some shocking scenes. '30 Coins' mixes mystery and terror from the hand of the actor Eduard Fernández, who plays Father Vergara, an exorcist by profession, boxer and ex-convict who, with the aim of forgetting his past, lives in a lost town where they soon begin paranormal phenomena to occur. The mystery of a coin that could be part of the thirty with which Judas was paid for his betrayal of Jesus Christ will place Father Vergara and the mayor and the town's veterinarian (Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Mega Montaner) at the center of a global conspiracy that involves the Vatican and that threatens the world.

The mayor of Pedraza, Pedro Martín, is confident in the success of the series, which was a shock to the entire area. «It was an injection for the City Council and our establishments, but also for other towns in our environment. They rented warehouses, rural houses ... It was extraordinary. It has been the best we have ever had, ”he stresses. The producers counted for the recording with extras chosen in individual castings that were held in Sepúlveda and Pedraza, where Álex de la Iglesia ended up being named a town crier. "We are very satisfied and we are waiting for you with open arms in case you want to return," the mayor insists on '30 coins', which will consist of eight chapters of approximately one hour each.

Much longer than it takes to list the filming that Pedraza itself has hosted in recent months, one of the province's film sets par excellence. This municipality charges 1.800 euros for a full day of recording - regardless of whether they also use night hours - and usually provides changing rooms, toilets and a storage room. "In September they came to take some pictures for publicity. I don't remember now which brand, but we haven't had any more filming and we don't have any requests in sight," says Martín.

Its situation contrasts with that of Segovia capital, where the Councilor for Tourism and head of the Segovia Film Office, Gina Aguiar, assures that "in the last quarter [the sector] has recovered and we have almost the same shootings as in the last quarter of last year. Although for reasons of confidentiality it cannot reveal the titles of the productions, it does indicate that the old prison has once again become the most demanded location. The cameras have also recently been deployed in the Artillery Academy, the Mint and the Alcázar. The latter, in addition, was visited a few weeks ago by representatives of 'The Wheel of Time' ('The Wheel of Time' in Spanish), an American production prepared by Amazon Prime based on the fantasy novels of the same name by Robert Jordan. This newsroom has learned that they finally plan to shoot in the fortress on November 30 and December 1 and 2.

The City Council has begun to consider the possibility of increasing the amount that the Segovia Film Office - belonging to the Municipal Tourism Company - charges the production companies for the information, support and advice they provide when they decide to record in the city. "We help them manage permits for the occupation of public roads, for example," explains Aguiar, who was not yet in office when in July of last year Segovia traveled to the Second Republic with 'Tell me who am I' .

This original series by Movistar + in collaboration with DLO Producciones is an adaptation of the 'best-selling' novel by Julia Navarro, which tells the story of Amelia Garayoa, a woman who, driven by her ideals, is capable of leaving her whole life behind to Fight for freedom. Through the encounter with the four men who mark her life, she will be involved in the most relevant events in the history of the XNUMXth century: from the Franco uprising to the liberation of Berlin, passing through the communist rise in Stalin's Moscow, the barbarism from the Warsaw of the ghettos, the Rome of the last years of Mussolini or the decline of Nazi Germany in occupied Athens.

In some of the images that Movistar + has shared, the entrance of the Cathedral is recognized by Marqués del Arco street, where a protest by supporters of the Second Republic was staged while the protagonist (actress Irene Escolar) accesses the temple. La Travesía del Patín and the old prison were the other two spaces in Segovia planned to shoot, but in this case we will have to wait for the premiere of the series (on December 4) to discover them.

A task that the residents of Aragonese, the district of Santa María la Real de Nieva, have already fulfilled in which, at the end of this summer, the video clip of the song 'Too many women', by C. Tangana, was recorded. «They called me from the production company. Apparently one of its members was linked to Aragonese, but they didn't even tell me the artist he was, "says the mayor of Santa María, Pilar Ares, who out of curiosity came to the shoot:" It was all in one day and they left everything even better than they had found it. As they were going to shoot in the cemetery, we asked them not to take any names from the tombstones and not to be irreverent ”. The video has almost 12 million views on YouTube and allowed to fix some swings with the money given by the production company.


Source: The Day of Segovia