I Martín Muñoz de las Posadas Tomato Fair

I Martín Muñoz de las Posadas Tomato Fair

The variety of tomato grown in the gardens of Martín Muñoz de las Posadas and its surroundings, has had relevance during past decades in all the markets in which it has been present; for this reason, so that it continues to have it, through this fair it is intended to promote its diffusion and recover the prominence in the current markets.

The fair begins on Saturday afternoon with a variety of parallel activities: visits to the gardens, gastronomy workshop, conference and tasting of preparations with tomato, plus a thematic party on the orchards.

01 of September 2018 -Saturday-

18: 00h Vegetable collection workshop for children. Starting point Rte. "La Alegría" - Km. 115 N-601

19: 30h Presentation of drawings on tomatoes and kitchen gardens - (Participants without age limit)

19: 45h Ratatouille and gazpacho preparation workshop - Collaborates Association of Chefs of Segovia and Province

21: 00h Conference - Colloquium: Rural Development and Sustainability, By Joaquín Antonio Pino - Local Employment and Development Officer - and Santiago Sáez León -Teacher and gardener-

22: 00h Eggs with ratatouille solidary

23: 00h Theme party about the garden with costumes and music

During Sunday morning in the main square of the town will be the exhibition and sale of tomatoes, vegetables and food of Segovia; In parallel, there will be various activities related to gastronomy and as a protagonist the tomato.

02 of September 2018 -domingo-

10: 30h Family visit to the vegetable gardens. Starting point Rtte. "La Alegría" - Km. 115 N-601

11: 00 Opening of the Fair.

Photocall available all morning.

13: 00 Workshop for the presentation of tapas and recipes based on tomato for children - Collaborates Association of Chefs of Segovia and Province.

Then gazpacho for those attending the fair

14: 00 Presentation of recipes, prepared with tomato - by Pepa Muñoz, Director of El Cuenco de Pepa Restaurant (Madrid). Next tasting variety of tomatoes.

15: 00 Raffle of lots of products from the garden and Food of Segovia.

To participate in workshops and other activities or proposals for participation in the market, communicate on the phone: 685148564 - also in the email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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