XV Pedestrian Racing Circuit

XV Pedestrian Racing Circuit

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The Circuit of Pedestrian Races Province of Segovia that this year will count on one less test, will begin the 17 of February in Cantimpalos, and will pass by the localities of Muñoveros, Fuentepelayo, Torreiglesias, Cantalejo, Turégano, Fuenterrebollo, Juarros de Voltoya, Espirdo, Rades de Abajo, Carbonero el Mayor and ending the 11 day in November in Cabañas de Polendos.

The circuit maintains its spirit of running along the roads of the towns of Segovia, uniting these thirteen villages in similar harmony to achieve the goal of making Segovia runners and walkers and the rest of the provinces of our geography enjoy as many as possible. collaborating with the society of the towns, with different charitable causes in many of the careers.

In the races, with routes that oscillate between the 10 and the 15 kilometers, some of the most beautiful places of the province of Segovia are crossed, appearing before the fans of the athletics of all Spain like a very attractive destiny throughout all the year, being a focus of promotion for the people, and is that in the last edition were more than six hundred runners who enjoy these races.

The organization will re-award the popular runners, maintain the individual male and female rankings, create a single mixed team ranking, modifying the bases and increasing the prizes to encourage participation.

The final highlight will be held on November 23 in the town of Fuenterrebollo with the closing gala in which the prizes will be awarded to the different winners.

Calendar Pedestrian Racing Circuit Segovia Province 2019

1.- CANTIMPALOS. IX Race and march Vega de Cantimaplos: 17 February

2.- MUÑOVEROS. Viña del Ajo XI Popular Race: 3 March

3.- FUENTEPELAYO. XIII Popular Race Up to San Cebrian: 17 March

4.- TORREIGLESIAS. VIII Pedestrian Race The Pirona: 13 April

5.- CANTALEJO. XI Carralagunas Popular Race: 27 April

6.- TUREGANO. IX Race and March Villa de Turegano: 25 May

7.- FUENTERREBOLLO. VII Run Run to Land Terreña: 8 June

8.- VOLTOYA GAMES. VII Pedestrian Race Ribera del Voltoya: 30 June

9.- SPIRDO. V Pedestrian Race Discover the Camino: 15 September

10.- RADES DE DOWN. V Popular Race The Lizards: 5 October

11.- CARBONERO EL MAYOR. IX Race and March The Bustar: 27 October

12.- POLAND CABINS. VIII Race and March Between Vineyards: 10 November

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