It is not easy to get a Max Prize. Less simple is still to get the Max Prize for the best musical show when this type of montages proliferate in Spain and the public enjoys singing, from the silence of the armchair, those movie songs that have marked a life. But in Yllana they have a good voice and from time to time they raise it to win a trophy quoted in the scenic world: the apple of the mask.

An apple that last May 20 the actors of the opera crazy crazy bites, precisely, like crazy, after having sang the We are the champions of musical shows. Doubly difficult challenge achieved, thanks to the story of an opera troupe composed of five eccentric singers.

From the peculiar way of being of these protagonists it is guessed, therefore, that Yllana does not abandon in The opera crazy that thug and humorous part that characterizes the company and that is capable of making such a prestigious and apparently serious genre of the Music crumble and give way to crazy gorgorites, without losing a bit of beauty.

In the Juan Bravo Theater, Verdi, Rossini or Puccini have been lived and drunk from many throats and stomachs, but nowhere like the one presented by Yllana; in a fresh, unusual and fun way for all audiences. Do not miss this opportunity to see them on October 5 at the Juan Bravo Theater.


ARTISTIC DIRECTION: David Ottone and Joe O'Curneen

MUSICAL ADDRESS: Marc Álvarez and Manuel Coves


INTERPRETERS: María Rey, Mayca Teba, Toni Comas, Enrique Sánchez and Jesús García

FUNCTION: 20: 30 h

DURATION: 1 h 35 min

PRICE: 20 €, 18 € and 16 € (depending on plant)

JUAN BRAVO FRIENDS PRICE: 18 €, 16 € and 14 € (depending on plant)

YOUNG PRICE (up to 30 years): 16 €, 14 € and 12 € (depending on plant)

Network of Public Theaters of Castilla y León