XXVII Conference of Contemporary Music

XXVII Conference of Contemporary Music

After noon on a Sunday in which low temperatures, almost new arrivals and already disappeared, were absent from the morning of Segovia to increase the attractiveness of live music, the Tierra de Segovia Symphonic Band (BTS) presented to the parish local and tourist with a performance in the Plaza Mayor.

The concert, scheduled in the framework and for the inauguration of the XXVII Conference of Contemporary Music - the pioneer festival of Castilla y León - brought audiences and creative proposals inspired by the current avant-garde to the public. For this, the BTS also had the collaboration of the Out of comfort experimentation and body expression group.

The next commitment of the festival, which will concentrate a good part of its programming between the days 31 of October and 3 of November, will be the concert of Neopercussion 'The periphery without center', the day 31 in La Cárcel_Segovia Creation Center at 20.30 hours.

Tickets for all performances have a symbolic price of 3 euros and the proceeds will go to the Parkinson Association of Segovia.

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