MUCES Segovia

MUCES Segovia

Lights, cameras and action: the Segovia European Film Show is here. One year MUCES prepares to reach the city and show European film beauties, many of them still unused. The exhibition will feature 143 screenings of 107 films from 32 different countries, with the prominence in this edition of Norway, as a guest country and contributing to the exhibition with 18 films.

Organized and sponsored by the City of Segovia through its Department of Culture at 14 venues throughout the city, the 14ª edition of MUCES will open on November 13 with the tape that also opened the Venice Film Festival: The truth. A Franco-Japanese production of Hirokazu Kore-eda (Donostia 2018 Award) and the first long shot outside Japan of the filmmaker, with a cast headed by Catherine Deneuve, Juliette Binoche, Ethan Hawke and Clémentine Grenier, where truths will be revealed, will be adjusted After all, there will be talk of love and resentment.

Official section In the fourteen years of history that the show celebrates, more than 1.200 author film films have been screened, many of them that have ended up being awarded at other festivals, so the quality of the MUCES is once again undisputed year more.

Among the 30 films that make up its Official Section, MUCES will also show the winner of the Golden Bear and FIPRESCI in Berlin, Synonymes, by Dadv Lapid; the last tapes of Roman Polanski and Costa Gavras, The officer and the spy (Silver Lion in Venice) and Behavior as adults, respectively. The director of the show, Eliseo de Pablos, explained that this edition presents one of the “best” programs in Spain and has highlighted the presence in the 12 documentary films and the linking of some of them with the city of Segovia itself .

The mayor of Segovia Clara Luquero wanted to make clear the importance of this exhibition not only with the films shown in the official exhibition, but with all those that are screened in the different cycles such as the section 'Children to the cinema', which Luquero considered "fundamental" because it allows "to educate young people in a different cinema than they usually consume." In short, the mayor defined it as "a quiet look" because this European cinema is not so commercial and can offer interesting learning to those who watch these films.

Tribute to Luis Tosar Having honored filmmakers such as Claude Lelouch, Carlos Saura, José María González Sinde or Jaime Chávarri, among many others, MUCES will pay tribute to the Galician actor Luis Tosar. An actor with more than 50 prestigious films that support his career and who does not hesitate to say that he does not take the awards very seriously and that winning a Goya does not necessarily mean that he has done his job well. The role that would definitely consolidate him would be Malamadre, the leader of a prison revolt that he played in Celda 211 (Daniel Monzón, 2009) and that he would be worth a new Goya as best leading actor. From his filmography, MUCES will screen several of his films such as 2011 Cell itself or Los Lunes al Sol. Tosar will be honored at the traditional cinema gala on Saturday 16.

Following the same line of recalling the figure and work of great filmmakers in the 'In Memory of' section, MUCES wanted to honor the memory of Paul Naschy, the filmmaker who brought the horror genre to Spanish cinema with a trajectory of 120 films as an actor, 40 as a screenwriter and 15 as a director.

Projections of some of his most significant films will be carried out; 'The night of Walpurgis', 'The horror emerges from the grave', 'The walker', 'The return of the werewolf' and the documentary 'The man who saw Frankenstein cry'. A conference on his figure by Miguel Olid and a round table - with the presence of his wife and son in addition to the Sevillian actor and director Víctor Barrera and the director of cinema and theater, screenwriter and film writer Víctor Matellano-, will make up the memory with which MUCES wants to honor him on the occasion of the 10 anniversary of his death.

MUCES will also bring to Segovia the Brothers David and Stéphane Foenkinos, who will star in the Cycle 'Cinema and Literature' with 'The Delicacy' (2011), based on David's homonymous novel, a story about hope and imagination.

With script and direction of both, 'Something jealous' (Jealous, 2017); and The library of rejected books, directed by Rémi Bezançon and based on the book by David Foenkinos.

In addition, they will maintain a colloquium on the interactions between cinema and literature on Friday 15 at 20.00 hours at the Reading House, presented and moderated by the translator Cecilia Foenkinos.

Film cycles Film cycles are another of MUCES's main dishes because they allow the cinema to be linked to other cinema disciplines. For example, in 'Cinema and History' a film classic like The Battleship Potemkin of Eisenstein or V de Vendetta will be screened. In 'Cinema and Gastronomy' a documentary film about the famous chefs and Roca brothers entitled Chef's Diaries: Scotland will be screened. There is also the 'Cinema and Sports' cycle or the 'Antonio Machado' Cycle for the 80 anniversary of his death and the centenary of his arrival in Segovia, along with a photographic exhibition in the Ahóondiga.

Ticket sales will be available starting on November 5 for a price of two euros and can be obtained at the Segovia Visitor Reception Center and through the website.

Norway, chosen as guest country for the 2019 edition

In this fourteenth edition of MUCES, Norway has been the country invited to learn more about the filmography of this country that has more than 5 million inhabitants. Nordic cinema is perhaps little known in our country, but it has great films that stand out for their technical beauty. Its more than one hundred years of history, and without having had the same impact as that of its neighboring countries, have left some productions that have gone on to posterity. The presentation of the exhibition was approached by the Norwegian ambassador in Spain, Lotte Katrine Tollefsen, who was delighted to be able to publicize the cinema of her country through 18 films distributed in the different sections that MUCES has .

The exhibition has chosen together with the Norwegian Embassy a silent film jewel: Markens grøde (The blessing of the earth), directed by Danish Gunnar Sommerfeldt, in an adaptation of the novel by Knut Hamsun, Nobel Prize for Literature at 1920. The organization of MUCES also highlights the 2016 film The decision of King Erik Pope. Also in the official section you can enjoy the film The Twelfth Man by Harald Zwart.

Home Ground, which tells the fiction story, will be screened in 'Cine y Deporte', while it is expected to become the reality of a woman who is a coach of a men's soccer team in the country. In addition, a Norwegian footballer who plays in Spain, strictly at Alcorcón, will come to the festival to give a talk and tell her experience in Spanish football.

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