The air classroom of Aguilafuente is reinvented with a scape room

The air classroom of Aguilafuente is reinvented with a scape room

Aguilafuente City Council has launched a cultural and heritage dissemination program that includes, as one of its fundamental points, enhance activities and visits to the Archaeological Classroom. For this, since October, in addition to having a fixed opening schedule, a large activity has been scheduled per month. The first was a visit to the site and the Archaeological Classroom, which emphasized how to make the mosaics. In November "San Juan and the lightning" to bring the particularities of the church of San Juan, building that houses the museum, through the commentary of photographs.

In the last month of the year, the classroom is reinvented by conducting an escape room championship, an upward activity. Participants will be transported to the fourth century AD through a series of riddles and mysteries that they will have to solve at the indicated time or risk not returning to the current era. The game can be held every Saturday and Sunday in December, in addition to the 6 day, prior registration of the team (2 to 6 people) on the 605 842 481 phone or on the Facebook page of the Aguilafuente Archaeological Classroom. There will be cash prizes for the two teams that solve the game in the shortest time, a surprise gift for the third place and a gift for each participant. The activity has a cost of € 20 per team.

The Archaeological Classroom of Aguilafuente was inaugurated in the year 2001 and is located in the church of San Juan, building listed as BIC by the Junta de Castilla y León. Its main objective is to publicize the archaeological site of Saint Lucia, where remains of a Roman villa have been found, whose mosaics are exposed in the classroom and represent the largest collection of this type we have in the province, a necropolis Visigoth and a medieval hermitage. It is currently in its fourth phase of excavation thanks to the funds of the City of Aguilafuente and the provincial council of Segovia.

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