Espronceda and Zoraida go back to the streets of Cuéllar

Espronceda and Zoraida go back to the streets of Cuéllar

During the weekends until next August 30 you can enjoy a new theatrical tour of the center of the town

The romantic author José de Espronceda returned to Cuéllar last weekend and will do so every Saturday and Sunday until August 30, accompanied by one of the characters from his novel 'Sancho Saldaña or the Spanish of Cuéllar', Zoraida, who in This time it is a girl whose father, Toño the tanner, is in charge of working the skin in the tanneries, the center where the tour begins.

The initiative is one of the new proposals for Tourism for this summer, which recovers a creation launched in 2017, with a text written by Maite Sánchez, in which young and old know the job of tanner, they approach the knowledge of the world of the skins and even some monuments that they find along the route, such as the church of Santo Tomé.

The visit begins in Tenerife, where visitors meet Zoraida, a girl who does not want to work with her father, but rather play. The assistants know how the leather tanning work is and the little girl can finally escape from carrying out the hardest tasks on the condition of leaving to sell fur around the town, after which she will be able to enjoy the game with the little ones who can also participate in the visit, since it is indicated for family audiences.

Young and old will help Zoraida sell the skins through the municipality, even trying to convince passers-by to buy one of them. While taking a walk through some of the most beautiful corners, they meet the young writer José de Espronceda, who, with all kinds of tricks, will try to trick Zoraida into giving her a skin to bind her new novel.

For this, in the first place he offers to be a character in his next writing, which does not convince Zoraida, since she does not know how to read. Next, Espronceda will dress up as the old Berenguela, a thief, and even a monk, characters who will try to deceive or convince the girl in order to give them one of the skins she wears in her car.


This is a small synopsis of 'Espronceda en cueros', the play that will be performed on the streets of the town this summer and that the whole family will be able to enjoy, getting closer to the knowledge of the skins and even to the different monuments that are found along the way, such as the church of Santo Tomé, the convent of La Concepción or San Francisco.

Along the way, visitors will also be able to enjoy key places in the writer's history while passing through the villa, such as the house in which he lived, or the street that fills his name. It is a walk full of surprises in which a small wink is also made to one of the most important celebrations in Cuéllar, such as its running of the bulls.

In this theatrical visit through the streets of the town, the participants will learn about the world of leather and leather, about how they were worked, which ones were used and know terms such as cordoban - high quality tanned goat or goat leather - o guadamecí –an artistic work technique for the skin characterized by the application, on the tanned skin, of a thin silver foil as a preparation layer, to paint or polychrome the skin in a lasting way.

Zoraida, Espronceda, Toño the tanner, Berenguela, the thief, the monk and many surprises will fill the streets of Cuéllar on weekends, as this theatrical tour of the town's historic complex, which starts in Tenerife, will take place every Saturday and Sundays in the months of July and August in two passes, at 11:00 in the morning and at 19:00 in the afternoon.

The price of the activity is five euros for adults and children over the age of three and you must make a prior reservation at the Municipal Tourism Office in person or by phone 921 14 22 03, or directly in the center of Tenerife. It will be mandatory to wear a mask and the groups will be a maximum of 15 people.

Source: North of Castilla Segovia

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