Pincho Fair - Cuéllar

Pincho Fair - Cuéllar

On the occasion of the San Miguel festival in Cuéllar, the "La Feria del Pincho" is held from September 25 to 27.

The skewers will be served to the people who are sitting or to take away, respecting all the capacities in a categorical way. The price is € 1,50

The participating establishments are:

Ban Yonba with "Lo del Yonba"
Br El Pícaro, with "Skewer the Pícaro
Bar La Gaviota with "Today I fuck (yfatata)
Bar Chaplin, with "La gula"
Temple Bar with "Autumn Montadito"
The bull's friends, with "Arepa de Tor
Hole 19, with "Revolcanas19
Bar Naipe, with "Bocadito de flavor.