Las Magas, Catharsis, Candilejas and Zereia star in the final stretch of the Provincial Show, which will conclude next week with La Herradura Teatro

Las Magas, Catharsis, Candilejas and Zereia star in the final stretch of the Provincial Show, which will conclude next week with La Herradura Teatro

The Provincial Theater Show reaches its final stretch this weekend, before saying goodbye on December 4 after nearly twenty performances. With Las Magas on stage to represent 'Women who count', tomorrow Thursday, November 26, the Juan Bravo de la Diputación Theater will open its curtain to a new series of functions that will be represented from Wednesday to Sunday at 19:00 p.m. .

One day after the commemoration of the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the role of women in society will be scrutinized with a magnifying glass, but with humor, from the perspective of Las Magas, which in a script adapted by Ángela Almendariz They will tell different stories of women reflecting on today's world and how women cope with situations, depending on age and education.

Also with four women as protagonists, Catarsis Teatro -formed exclusively by men- will go up on Friday 27 at the Juan Bravo Theater with a work as enigmatic as the message that the group itself left a few months ago on its social networks: "José Rosario Antúnez Valdivieso He died on Thursday XX of XX of 19XX at 8X years of age./ DEP / His wife Nazaria, political sisters Daría and Aurori and their maid Ulpiana will appreciate the attendance at the wake that will take place on November 27 at the Juan Bravo theater in Segovia Likewise, they beg that they turn off their mobile phones and keep the silence and decorum that such an act implies. " Thus, whoever wants to decipher the continent of the obituary must attend the wake and discover what this contemporary comic farce entitled 'Atra bilis (when we are calmer ...)', whose author is the contemporary playwright Laia Ripoll, is buried.

The funeral of José Rosario Antúnez will give way on Saturday to political debate, the questioning of tradition and the acceptance of coexistence and respect between people. Under these premises, 'A zero to the left' will present before the public a middle-class family that, in full democratic transition, receives the father after a long time in prison. With humor as the predominant note, the man will have to learn to live together, bearing in mind that neither his family nor his country are what they were.

Finally, to close Sunday, the Zereia group, which was forced to cancel its performance of 'The Women's League' on the 6th, will be able to make its work known to the public through the play 'The Product' , directed by Fernando Cárdaba, which shows, through exaggeration and sarcasm, a Manichean version of a certain way of arriving at politics away from good practice. The representation is divided into two parts and, while the first shows a crazy way of preparing the candidacy for the elections, the second shows an already consolidated politics receiving the visit of the devil and his temptations.

With these four functions the Provincial Show will only have one more appointment; the next Friday, December 4, with the participation of La Herradura Teatro and its piece 'Baby a la carte', whose tickets, like those of the rest of the Show, can be purchased for 4 euros at the Juan box office Bravo and on the Tickentradas platform.

Las Magas

Source: Diputación de Segovia