La Granja of San Ildefonso

La Granja of San Ildefonso


This beautiful palace is located on the northern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama, built by Felipe V as a place of retreat in 1724. Its set of buildings and gardens made it the favorite summer residence of his successors until Alfonso XIII. Inside it houses a rich collection of paintings, sculptures and furniture of the s. XVIII and XIX, as well as splendid painted vaults. The gardens, designed by René Carlier with a profusion of flower beds and large trees, host a spectacular set of monumental fountains decorated with lead sculptures, with bronze patina, representing mythological scenes of great beauty. The hydraulic system starts from a large lake, "El Mar", located at the top of the gardens, where they walked in a gondola and today it remains as a dream place.

  • Plaza de España, 17 40100 The Farm of San Ildefonso
  • Tel. 921 470 019 / 921 470 020
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  • Schedule:
    • Closed Monday.
    • From Tuesday to Sunday: from 10,00 to 18,00 h.
    • Gardens: open every day from 10,00 to 20,00 h. Free entrance
    • Sources: Wednesdays, Saturdays and holidays (not Sundays) at 17,30 h. Sundays at 13,00 h
  • Price:
    • Basic rate: 9 €
    • Reduced: 4 €
    • Guide service: 4 €
    • Audio guide service: 3 €
    • Free admission: Wednesday and Thursday from 17,00 to 20,00 h. (free visit)
    • Input sources: 4 €
    • Ticket office open until one hour before closing.

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One of the best examples of real manufactures created in the s. XVIII by the Bourbon dynasty to supply sumptuary objects to the court. The building, of enormous dimensions, is austere in its exterior and of great amplitude in its interior. Domes and vaults, cover the different ships where you can still see how the master glassmakers work. Permanent collections and temporary exhibitions are exhibited, and reproductions of pieces with typology of the period are offered in the shop. The Glass Technology Museum is located in the Royal Glass Factory, the headquarters of the National Glass Center Foundation, which is set up in 1982 to develop activities related to the culture of glass.

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Cultural Space and Interpretation Center of the traditional constructions of the Pozos de Nieve.

  • Pozo de la Nieve neighborhood 40100 La Granja de San Ildefonso
  • Tel. 921 473 953
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