Maderuelo and Natural Park Sickles of the Riaza River

Maderuelo and Natural Park Sickles of the Riaza River

The proposed route takes us to the northernmost part of the province, and can link with the previous one from Ayllón or exit from Segovia by the N-110 until we find the AI ​​that we will take towards Burgos until Grajera, active resort of leisure tourism, where they keep a Church dedicated to San Vítores at the top of a hill and a roll of justice, also used as a pillory.

We arrived to Valdevarnés, surrounded by a valley of great beauty and possessor of a Romanesque temple dedicated to San Cristobal, that dominates the town from the top of a hill and at its feet the wineries excavated in the rock are scattered, as witnesses of its wine-making past.

We continue until Maderuelo, once a powerful fortified village, the head of its Community of Villa y Tierra, which still maintains all its medieval charm while it remains suspended on the top of a hill and reflects with noble solitude its walls on the waters of the Pantano de Linares. Of the ten parishes that he had, he keeps Romanesque church of Santa María, that combines in its construction the ashlar masonry, brick and brick with a spirit of mystery, the Hermitage of San Miguel, keeps its Romanesque head and is now Cultural Center, the Hermitage of Castroboda, on a neighboring hill and Vera Cruz next to the river Riaza, one of the renowned thirteen temples where fragments of the lignum crucis brought by the Templars were guarded, and whose valuable Romanesque paintings were transferred to the Prado Museum so that they would not succumb under the waters of the marsh. We climb and cross the Arco de la Villa, which preserves its powerful wooden door and authentic bolts of the s. XV Strolling through its streets we arrive, on the opposite slope to the reservoir, to the Puerta del Barrio or San Andrés, which overlooks the stream of Moralejos stream. The population is recovering its old stone farmhouse and has several houses of rural tourism. Several craft workshops offer their saddlery products and with a little luck we can buy delicious honey from the hands of the collector himself.

Natural Park

Maderuelo, Valdevacas de Montejo and Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela, are located within the Natural Park of the Sickles of the Riaza River, with gorges of 150 meters deep and a maximum width of 200 to 300 m, for a brief walk through the sickles, or take us a small visual memory of the breathtaking landscape that their cuttings create.

For those who want to spend more time traveling their scythes, it is advisable to go by this road to Montejo de la Vega, a town that offers interesting options to know the area through its didactic Park House Hoces del Riaza River. From here we can start routes in the middle of nature. Otherwise we descend again to Maderuelo and from there we go to Moral de Hornuez. Before reaching this town, we take the detour to the Hermitage of Moral de Hornuez, hidden place that will surprise us for the peace that is breathed there. Tradition tells that in the s. XIII appeared to a little shepherd the Virgin in a juniper, nicknamed "The Borrega" of which there is still the huge stump, rising a primitive hermitage next to the tree. Later the current temple was built on the previous one, in the s. XVIII, but the environment continues populated by the same junipers, sculptured twisted trunks, some already ancient, true natural monuments to the strength and resistance.