Martín Muñoz de las Posadas

Martín Muñoz de las Posadas

The origin of this population is attributed to Martín Muñoz, companion knight of Cid Campeador in his exile, whose name appears repeatedly in the Poem of Mio Cid.

There is a large square in the center of the town, partly arcaded, at one end of which is the Palace of Cardinal Espinosa, Herrerian style construction, with a splendid patio. On the opposite side, the parish church, with three doors of different trends corresponding to three epochs.

The interior offers a lot of attractions, such as the beautiful tombs, one of them by Cardinal Espinosa with a praying statue of the same due to Pompeyo Leoni; several altarpieces from the 16th and 17th centuries; a recumbent Christ of Francisco Díaz de Tudanca, disciple of Gregorio Fernández; beautiful Romanesque paintings in the temple of the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries and a picture of El Greco, the Crucifixion, preserved in good condition and protected by glass.

Together with the images of Christ, the Virgin and Saint John, he is, in a prayerful position, that of the parish priest of Santo Tomé de Toledo, to whom the artist gave him the painting. Este Greco has always been the pride of the neighborhood, which defends him tooth and nail, so, to ensure their protection and not leave the town, during some work in the temple between 1982 and 1999 remained guarded in the barracks of the Civil Guard.