The Fountains (Aguilafuente)

The Fountains (Aguilafuente)

Information: Pinus de pino resinero next to the Cega river.

Access Mode: On the SG-212 road that connects Aguilafuente with Lastras de Cuéllar, on the pk. 26,300 leaves on the left a forest track, and taking the first road to the right, after 2,2 km. The area is accessed.

Distance to the nearest town: 5 km

Number of tables: 11

Number of sources: 0

Services: information panels, parking with stones, sports facilities and children's games.

Points of interest:

  • Pinarejos: church of Our Lady of the Assumption, of several constructive stages, with bell tower of Romanesque period. Lagoons of "El Bodón" and "Adoberas". Valdesimonte: church of Our Lady of the Assumption, apse of the Romanesque period. Hermitage of San Roque in ruins.
  • Muñoveros: Church of San Felix Martyr, from the Romanesque period, the main portal presents 17 human busts.
  • Cobos de Fuentidueña: church of San Julián martyr, from the Romanesque period.
  • Escobar de Polendos: church of San Nicolás de Bari with tower, apse and pile of Romanesque holy water. Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. De la Cuesta.
  • Torreiglesias: Romanesque church of Torreiglesias
  • Pumpkins: church of Our Lady of the Assumption, s. XVI, plateresque facade.
  • Caballar: church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Romanesque s. XIII. Hermitage of Santa Engracia and San Valentín, brothers of San Frutos, ruins of hermitages of San Frutos and Santa Catalina. Santa Source and Round Source. Tradition of "The Wet ones".
  • Membibre de la Hoz: Church of San Martín de Tours, apse of Romanesque period. Ruins of a medieval castle.
  • Otones de Benjumea: Museum Ethnographic.
  • Lovingos: ruins of medieval castle. Church of San Esteban, with Romanesque cover. Ruins of the hermitage of Ntra. Sra. Del Otero, with Mudejar elements.
  • San Miguel de Bernuy: Church of San Miguel s. XVIII, head and tower of Romanesque period. Zone of fossils and templar ruins of monasteries.
  • Navalmanzano: Church of Los Santos Justo y Pastor, remains of Mudejar style. Hermitage of the Blessed Christ of Santa Juliana, with Romanesque remains.
  • Cabezuela: Church of Our Lady of the Assumption built in the s. XVI in Renaissance style. Places of Natural Interest of "Los Porretales", "Laguna Senovilla" and "Mesa Bridge".
  • Source El Olmo de Fuentidueña: Church of San Pedro Apóstol, reformed in the s. XVI, with Romanesque parts. Ermita de San Miguel, from the Romanesque period.
  • Turégano: medieval castle of Turégano.
  • Veganzones: church of Santa Águeda, of 1618, escurialense aspect.
  • Zarzuela del Pinar: church of the Exaltation of the Cross with parts of Mudejar style. Hermitage of Santo Cristo del Humilladero.
  • Frumales: church of Our Lady of the Assumption, of Romanesque origin, very transformed. Millennial elm. Lagoons of "El Lavadero" and "Nava Redonda".
  • Cantalejo: Hermitage of Ntra. Sra. del Pinar, of Romanesque origin. "Lagunas de Cantalejo", natural place included in the Catalog of Wetlands of Castilla y León. Church of San Andrés.
  • Torrecilla del Pinar: hermitage of the Virgen del Pinar, of late Romanesque. Church of San Juan Bautista of Romanesque origin, but very transformed with few medieval remains.
  • Perosillo: church of Ntra. Sra. de Melgar, Romanesque carving of the Virgen de Buengrado. Ruins of the Palace of Buengrado.
  • Real Village: Church of San Juan Bautista, Romanesque parts, cover of the s. XVI. Hermitage of San Blas.
  • Cozuelos de Fuentidueña: Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Romanesque head and front.
  • Fuentepelayo: church of Santa María la Mayor, gothic, from the s. XV, remains of the Romanesque primitive. Famous Angel Fair.
  • Sauquillo de Cabezas: Church of San Pedro Apostle of Romanesque origin. Palace of the Cáceres and the Marquis of Casablanca.
  • Aguilafuente: archaeological classroom of the Roman Villa of Santa Lucía, in the Romanesque church of San Juan Bautista. Church of Santa María, origin of s. XII. Manor house of the Mayorazgo de los Pérez de la Torre, s. XVI. Fiestas of Our Lady of the Assumption, procession with jotas, popular bullfights, bullfighting festivities. Lastras de Cuéllar: Las Lagunas de Lastras.