Moral de Hornuez (Moral de Hornuez)

Moral de Hornuez (Moral de Hornuez)

Information: Located in the "Enebral de Hornuez", place of great scenic beauty. Next to the Hermitage Virgen de Hornuez. Christ of Monte Viejo in one of the trees.

Access Mode: From the NI by the detour to Villalvilla de Montejo, to 0,3 km. there is an asphalted and signposted road that after 5 km. leads to the area.

Distance to the nearest town: 2 km

Number of tables: 40

Number of sources: 3

Services: Informative panels, hygienic services, playgrounds, pond and sinks.

Points of interest:

  • Corral de Ayllón: church of Ntra. Sra. del Rosario, Romanesque origins, rest of the building s. XVII. Museum called "The Forge" of ancient utensils. Ruins of the hermitage of San Roque.
  • Grajera: obelisk called "La Picota", limestone, where the trials of the Inquisition were celebrated. Museum of farming tools and horse riding.
  • Cascajares: Church of St. Peter the Apostle, parts of the Romanesque period.
  • Cantespino ash: ruins of a medieval castle of the Count of Candespina. Church of San Nicolás de Bari, Romanesque baptismal font.
  • Cedillo de la Torre: Church of Ntra. Mrs. of the Assumption, of several constructive stages from the Romanesque to the s. XVIII. Hermitage of San Juan. Ethnological museum Casona de Los Velázquez. Archaeological remains. Languilla: old Romanesque church, monumental portal.
  • Castiltierra: Visigothic necropolis of the "Corporario".
  • Villalbilla de Montejo: stone houses berroqueña reddish tones and black slate. Underground cellars Church of San Juan Evangelista.
  • Pajarejos: church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, head of Romanesque period.
  • Bercimuel: church of Santo Tomás Apóstol, of Romanesque period.
  • Aldealengua de Santa María: Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, Romanesque.
  • Montejo de la Vega de la Serrezuela: medieval aspect with walls and ruins of the castle. Church of San Andrés. Ermita de Ntra. Sra. Del Valle. Romanesque ruins of the ancient church of Casuar. House of the Park of the Hoces del Riaza. Raptor refuge managed by ADENA / WWF.
  • Maderuelo: Monumental set. Villa on the top of a hill, completely walled. Medieval arch "the Door of the Villa". Church of Santa María of Romanesque origin, with Mudejar and Gothic additions. Church of San Miguel with sober Romanesque head. Templar hermitage of Veracruz, declared a National Monument. Sickles of the Riaza River, SPA. Reservoir of Linares del Arroyo, protected wetland.
  • Fuentemizarra: church of Ntra. Sra. del Ejido, Romanesque portico with beautiful capitals.
  • Valdevacas de Montejo: Church of San Cristóbal.
  • Moral de Hornuez: sabine de Hornuez, with large specimens. Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Miracle of Hornuez.