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Prádena party program


Prádena party program
Vie, 4. October 2019 - Sea, 8. October 2019
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Description of the event

Friday October 4

19: 00 h Floral offering to Our Lady the Virgin of the Rosary. Accompanied

by the UPA choir of Prádena.

Inauguration of rocks accompanied by the charanga.

00: 30 h Great Musical Evening in the Plaza Mayor in charge of the Clan Cero Orchestra.

Saturday October 5

11: 00 h Targets and parades with the "Cubalibre" charanga.

From 11: 30 to 18: 30 h and 17: 00 to 19: 00 h Playground in the playground


13: 30 h Children's Enclosures through the streets of the town and popular chat for

the usual sites enlivened by the charanga "Cubalibre",

15: 30 h. Popular paellada in the Plaza de San Roque, organized by Las Peñas

They will sell the tickets in the parade. Price 7 € (don't forget the chair).

17: 00 h Local shooting organized by the El Cerro Pelao Association.

17: 00 h Olive Pipo Launch Contest.

17: 00 to 20: 00 h "Remember" Session by DJ KO.

18: 00 to 19: 30 h Karaoke contest in the street of La Plaza.

20: 00 h Performance of the musical group "Mayalde" in Plaza de San Roque.

00: 30 h Great Musical Candle by the "Anaconda" orchestra.

Sunday October 6

11: 00 h Targets and parades with the charanga "Covers.

15: 15 h Solemn Mass in honor of the Virgin of the Rosary, accompanied by choir

Prádena UPA.

14: 00 h Vermouth dance through the usual places accompanied by charanga.

17: 30 h Rosario and procession through the streets with the image of the Virgen del

Rosario, accompanied by the group of dances of Prádena.

21: 30 to 23: 00 h Verbena in the Plaza Mayor with "Sound" Orchestra.

00: 00h Fireworks from near the school. Then a

Chocolate and continue with the verbena.

Monday October 7

11: 00 h Local Chito Championship at the Tourism Office.

12: 00 h Mass of the dead.

12: 30h Infant games in the Plaza Mayor.

14: 00 Vermú by the local bars.

15: 00h Popular stew in the Plaza Mayor. 3 euros.

17: 00 h XV Local handball championship in the pediment.

20: 30 h Verbena in charge of the musical group "Taitóny".

Tuesday October 8

15: 00h Popular chilindron chicken meal on the pediment of the Church.

17: 00 h Children's performance end of parties in the Plaza Mayor.