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Exhibition "Art on paper". Quintanar Palace


Exhibition "Art on paper". Quintanar Palace
Vie, 16. October 2020 - Sea, 8. December 2020
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Description of the event

Quintanar Palace opens the exhibition 'Art on paper' where eleven
contemporary artists value the work on paper,
in an eminently digital age
Quintanar Palace. Innovation and development center for design and culture,
belonging to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, again hosts this exhibition with
a new location in the Quintanar Palace, due to restoration works
carried out in it. The exhibition is made up of works by eleven artists
national and international whose pieces value the work on paper in
contrast with the prevailing digital age. The exhibition can be visited until 8
'Arte en papel' is an artistic project curated by the gallery owner Natalia Gomendio,
whose intention is to value the work on paper, a support that takes us back to
other times in history in which it was the first vehicle for the transmission of culture.
Paper is the common thread of this exhibition where eleven contemporary artists
they work in very different ways. On the one hand, using techniques such as watercolors,
inks, perforations, stitched with threads, pencils, acrylics, paper collage, cutouts ... and
on the other hand, with characteristics and qualities of the role that determine
development of the works, taking into account the thickness, weight, disposition of the fibers….
There are a multitude of formats and different roles that determine the performance of the
works in your process.
In this exhibition we find large works hanging from the ceiling, which
allow you to discover the fluidity and movement of the paper. Facilities where the
paper to space, playing with perspectives and geometry. Sculptures made in
papier-mâché and paper-book objects. Works in collage, compositions and overlays
and original works on paper where pictorial expression takes great value.
Some works become more important due to the vibration of color, chromatic combinations
that provide depth, perspective, volume, and others where the color is less
important and the figure, the object or the concept stands out.
The artists present in the exhibition are: Julio Alonso Yánez (Madrid), Iván Aráujo
(Madrid), Ángel de la Peña (Madrid), María Expósito Santiso (Madrid), Joxán Iza
(Guipúzcoa), Rosa Maroto (Madrid), Federico Osorio (Zamora), Gonzalo Páramo
(Burgos), Martín Reyna (Argentina), Mariasun Salgado (Madrid) and Consuelo Vinchira
The exhibition "Art on paper" is a proposal that takes us into those sensations
warm and beautiful that the role gives us, surprises us with works that invite a
reflection of coexistence between paper and the digital world. A careful selection of

artists who bring us closer to different sensitivities through paper showing the
deeper and more instinctive aspect of his works.

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