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Exhibition "Samson, 25 years in the North of Castilla" - Quintanar Palace


Exhibition "Samson, 25 years in the North of Castilla" - Quintanar Palace
Wed, 11. November 2020 - Vie, 11. December 2020
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Description of the event

PALACIO QUINTANAR, center of innovation and development for design and culture, of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León, presents: "Sansón, 25 years in El Norte de Castilla". A monographic exhibition on the work of the Valladolid author Rafa Vega (Sansón) whose presence has been daily, uninterrupted for 25 years, in the newspaper El Norte de Castilla and, since 2009, in the regional newspapers of Vocento.

Samson, 25 years in the North of Castilla
September 2020 marked the twenty-five years of uninterrupted publication of Rafa Vega's daily cartoon, 'Sansón', in the pages of El Norte de Castilla. Although throughout the last quarter of a century, the Valladolid author has maintained his daily presence in the dean of the Spanish press not only with the cartoon that he signs under the pseudonym 'Sansón'. He has also combined this discipline with opinion drawing, caricature, film criticism, the article and the column in various sections and supplements. But it is precisely his cartoon of 'Samson' that has maintained an uninterrupted presence during these twenty-five years in which El Norte has kept a significant amount of 10.000 drawings in its newspaper library, including vignettes, weekly strips, strips of the Health supplement and drawings Opinion.

Rafael Vega 'Samson'
Rafael Vega (1967) graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of Valladolid and specialized in Medieval History before dedicating himself to journalism and publishing. To his daily endeavor as a journalistic collaborator, he adds his professional activity as a press and literary editor in various publishing labels and an artistic work that emerges from time to time in exhibitions and exhibitions, such as the one shown in 2018 in the 'Room 0' of the Museum Patio Herreriano de Valladolid under the title of 'ProLogos', or his exhibition 'Cardumen' at the Foz Côa Museum in Portugal in 2019.

Although in 1995 his cartoons began their journey in El Norte de Castilla sheltered in its local information pages, they soon made the leap to the Castilla y León section, until in 2005 it was hosted on the Opinion pages. In order to prevent its attention to political and social news of a more general scope from depriving readers of their local and regional imprint, the newspaper's management decided that it would simultaneously appear on the Opinion pages daily with the publication of a strip dedicated to the field. local and regional every Sunday, strip that currently shares page 2 with the Sunday article of the director, Ángel Ortiz Dávila.

In 2006, Sansón was awarded the 'Francisco de Cossio' Journalism Prize in the form of graphic humor and has published two compilation books in 2002 and 2011 that are added to the one published by Norte de Castilla on the occasion of this twenty-fifth anniversary, together with the anthological exhibition.