Santo Domingo de Guzmán arrived in Segovia in 1218 to carry out his first male foundation in Spain. The convent enjoyed royal protection from the first moment, thanks to the Segovian origin of Doña Berenguela, mother of King Fernando III, as well as her confessor, the Dominican Raimundo de Losana, the first archbishop of Seville, baptized in the disappeared parish of San Gil. ...


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San Medel is the medieval name of San Emeterio. Emeterius and Celedonius, Roman legionaries probably attached to the VII Pia Gemina, prominent in the lands of the Vascones, executed in the Arenal of the Cidacos River, in Calagurris, today Calahorra (La Rioja), are the current patrons of that city, whose festivity is celebrated on March 3 .....  



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It is impossible to name Isabel I of Castile without evoking Segovia. The proposed route for the traveler interested in this essential aspect of our history, combines some of the best historical provincial artistic ensembles with truly spectacular landscapes.



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