Type: Rest *
Address: Aerodrome of Fuentemilanos
Postal Code: 40153
2 phone: 921 485 172
Number of places: 100
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Type of Restaurant: Castilian cuisine
Specialty: Paellas, lamb and roast suckling pig and beans
Takeaway: SI
Food delivery: SI
Terrace: SI


The Fuentemilanos Aerodrome Restaurant has a spacious dining room for a total of 50 people with an attached Cafeteria Bar of about 100 square meters. They have a daily menu and a weekend menu. They make meals to order and to take away.

The two terraces available in its facilities give us the possibility to enjoy two different environments. The terrace with views of Segovia and the flight deck that will allow us to enjoy wonderful views of the Sierra del Guadarrama and the two-thousand-year-old World Heritage city, Segovia, as well as observe the operation of flights and aircraft movement on the ramp. The rear terrace with a peripheral garden, equipped with a large awning and two barbecues so that the summer season does not lack anything in our stay. They make all kinds of dishes of Spanish cuisine such as paellas, roast suckling pig, roast lamb, beans, etc.








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