Address: C / San Julián, 18
Postal Code: 40332
1 phone: 629 277 147
2 phone: 91 684 75 40
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We are a company that through our activities, we want to give leisure alternatives and free time to the whole population. Our activities are developed by different environments, being able to carry out an activity, combine a full day, a weekend, a week of multi-activity or a camp for the youngest.

All the activities are designed to be carried out in groups or individually and are guided by specialized personnel.

The activities we do are:

- Canoeing on the Duratón River: guided route on the Duratón River in a self-watering double boat, with an explanation of flora, fauna, formations and history.

- Caving: tour inside a cave.

- Vertical activities: climbing, abseiling and zip line.

- BTT: realization of bicycle routes with different slopes and duration.

- Hiking: hiking trails through natural areas of scenic and ecological interest.

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