Address: Ctra. C-112 Cuéllar-Cantalejo, Km. 3,5. Pradovega Polygon
Postal Code: 40200
Population: CUELLAR
1 phone: 921 142 158
2 phone: 630 535 147
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Pets: SI


Located in the province of Segovia (Spain), in the northern sub-plateau of the community of Castilla y León, is the Villa de Cuéllar Golf Club

Our field is located in the Land of Pinares de Segovia and next to Valladolid by highway.
You can play seven days a week.

Enjoy a unique natural environment, crossed by the Cerquilla stream and a majestic chopera in a sea of ​​pine forests.

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Very close to the municipality of Cuéllar, around two kilometers in the direction of Cantalejo, there is "La Vega" an extensive pasture, an old pasture area, where today is located golf course Villa de Cuéllar, in an extension of 25 hectares.

A beautiful Field of 9 holes with double course, where you can play golf using almost every club in the bag. Respectful with the environment, it has most of the streets of native grass and they are designed on a meadow in which the slight undulations of the land as well as the existing channels have been respected. It is a flat field surrounded on the right by a river and with a large grove of trees.

There, next to El Espadañal, next to pine groves, poplar groves, of the wetland and delimited by the Cerquilla stream, can be crossed its nine holes of double exit, which is considered one of the best fields of Castilla y León.

Technical Data:

Field of 9 holes with double exit:

Yellow Bars: Value Field: 70.5 Slope Value: 126 Par: 72


Red Bars: Value Field: 73.5 Slope Value: 134 Par: 72


golf in cuellar

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