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Population: EL ESPINAR
1 phone: 627 74 46 94
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The Azálvaro Collective proposes a new formula that aims to combine tourism and conservation as an Ecotourism product with the aim of cultivating a profile of a responsible tourist in solidarity with the conservation of biodiversity. For this, OTEA® (Organization of Specialized Tours in Birds of Prey) has created an entity whose main objective is to promote sustainable tourism of observation of nature and knowledge of the existing birds in the Real Sitio de San Ildefonso-El Espinar Biosphere Reserve and Sierra de Guadarrama National Park.

From Colectivo Azálvaro we offer the environmental Itinerary "El Mirador de los Buitres": An entertaining walk to meet and discover, with the help of qualified guides, the scavengers, their habitat and their fundamental role in nature as biological resources, and to be able to witness and live an unforgettable experience with the wonderful show of the vulture banquet.

Another of our eco-activities considered as a product of ornithological and environmental tourist interest is "Nature Photography and Fauna Observation" in our Photographic Hideouts (Hides), places that become the best locations to observe and photograph emblematic species such as the vulture. black, the golden eagle, the imperial eagle, the griffon vulture, the red kite, buzzard, etc. 




AZÁLVARO-OTEA.jpgPhotographic Hides I.jpgHides Fotográficos II.jpgIMG-20170929-WA0000.jpgEnvironmental Itinerary I.jpgEnvironmental Itinerary II.jpgEnvironmental Itinerary III.jpgEnvironmental Itinerary IV.jpgFauna Observation.jpgWildlife Observation III.jpgWildlife Observation IV.jpgFauna Observation V.jpgOTEA I.jpgOTEA II.JPGOTEA III.jpgOTEA IV.JPGOTEA V.jpg

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