Address: Ctra. De Palazuelos de Eresma, Km 2
Postal Code: 40004
Population: SEGOVIA
1 phone: 921 120 042
2 phone: 659 489 086
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We are an Equitation School approved by the RFHE and with experience in teaching since the 1992 year, combining the student's sports training with the handling and treatment of animals. We teach classes of all levels of "LOS GALOPES" under the supervision of the Riding Technicians, children and adults learn not only to ride, but also to enjoy teamwork and to know the world of the horse.

We have the accreditation of Equestrian Tourism Spain; hand in hand with Equiberia we make routes on horseback through the province of Segovia. A journey back to history, through open landscapes, ancient forests and river valleys. What makes them unique is the exceptional combination of historic sites accessible on horseback with the open and intact countryside of Castile. We explored on horseback some jewels of Spanish history: the castles of Pedraza and Castilnovo; The Romanesque churches of Sotosalbos and Sepúlveda; The royal site of La Granja de San Ildefonso, with its large Baroque palace and its beautiful gardens. This tour will take you through very diverse natural landscapes, from the alpine views of the Sierra de Guadarrama to the old transhumance trails and the open grazing fields; Valsain's ancient forests of pines, oaks, holm oaks and holly trees, where Spanish kings used to hunt bears and wild boars; And for the vast fields of cereals, the valley of the Eresma river and the gorges of the natural reserve of the Duratón river.

We have some of the best facilities in Castilla y León to accommodate sports horses. We have expert riders in the riding and taming of horses for the jump. We have: a covered riding arena and a last generation GEOLASTIC fibred sand jump track, a dressage track, a crossover course, winding circles and a walker for the daily work of the horses. In our stables we have CORTON boxes adapted to the needs of each horse. We also have rest Paddocks for sport horses, breeding or in retirement period. Our staff is prepared for the most detailed care of your horse. The feeding of the horses takes care of meticulous form. The highest quality feed is from the GARESE cooperative

Authorized Private Center for Sports Education of Hípica Code: 40008688; We are a teaching center that forms good professionals for the sector. We give the highest priority to practical training under the motto "After each theoretical explanation immediate practical realization" Students will have during the course of horses with aptitude for each of the equestrian disciplines with a commitment to daily riding. They will carry out real practices during the classes of the School, Organization of Competition, Trainings, Routes and will learn the Management of an Equestrian Center. Our main asset is that the Training Center is located in a company that professionally carries out all the activities included in the training cycle.

Equestrian Shop Hojarasca; We have our own shop, where you can find equipment for the practice of horse riding and horse care products at very competitive prices. We open weekends.

Equestrian and English summer camps: during the months of July and August we carry out camps, in collaboration with La Granja Escuela Puerta del Campo, in which our main interest is to instill in children the love for animals, in our case the horse . They combine horse riding, care and cleaning activities with English classes.

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