Address: Road from Coca to Santiuste km 2
Postal Code: 40480
Population: COCA
1 phone: 661 340 171
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Pinauca, a project full of hope

Pinauca, active learning, is a young company, formed by social educators with more than 10 years of experience in social intervention with vulnerable groups and in leisure and free time with children and adolescents.

Our project emerges as an entrepreneurial initiative to promote rural development in Coca, Segovia, in a sustainable way. We propose a series of activities in which experiential learning is the main axis. The game and direct interaction with the natural and social environment are used as teaching resources, promoting cooperative work and sharing attitudes of respect and care for the environment.

In the same way we want to make known one of the oldest trades that is made in our community and that is still done in a completely manual way, the job of the Resinero, as well as its relationship in the conservation of biodiversity and natural landscape.


Pinauca, nature, active learning and fun

Our flagship activity: 'Pinareando'

Spend an unforgettable time 'Pinareando' in Coca and discover all that our natural environment offers. We will carry out a didactic itinerary guided by the pine forest (Habitat of Community Interest) in which elements of this ecosystem will be identified, animal and vegetal species present, the historical relation of the man with the mount and many more curiosities. And you can also get to know one of the oldest non-mechanized work done in the pine forests, the extraction of the resin.

The landscape of the pine forest offers great opportunities for the development of educational activities with diverse contents, taking advantage of the environmental differences of each season of the year.


It includes guided itinerary through the pine forest, visit to our resinero and visit to the National Museum of resin. Approximate duration of 2 hours.


It includes a didactic-cultural itinerary through the historical center of Coca, a guided tour through the pine forest and a visit to our Resinero. Approximate duration 3 hours.


And for families we offer "Pinareando en familia", with a small educational itinerary for everyone and games and educational workshops for the little ones. Have a good time as a family identifying different elements of the pine grove, living the experience of the remaster car and many other experiences. Flexible duration depending on the minimum age of the participants. Minimum one hour.


If you do not have much time, but would like to "Pinarear" with us, we offer small itineraries adapted to each need with a minimum duration of one hour.



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