Segovia has an exceptional monumental offer, which has allowed it to be recognized as a World Heritage city by UNESCO.

Segovia has abundant samples of different cultures and civilizations: Roman times, Romanesque or Gothic churches, Mudejar buildings ... As well as buildings of great beauty. But Segovia stands out for its three world-class gems: the Aqueduct, the Cathedral and the Alcazar.

The aqueduct is one of the best preserved Roman works in the world. This work that was originally built to transport water, has become the symbol of Segovia, being a meeting point for Segovians and visitors. Come and know him.

Segovia is a city full of history. Discover the corners of its historic district and submerge through its streets.

The Alcazar of Segovia is one of the most beautiful monuments of Segovia that will transport you to a fantasy realm. Visit it and discover the secrets inside.