Full moon night

A set of activities are held from the 20,00 h to the 02,00 h. Exhibitions, concerts, performances, tastings, etc.

Storytellers Festival

The House of Andres Laguna located in the Jewish quarter, is the stage in which the narrators use the word to convey stories that allow attendees to think and dream.


Festival of Artistic Interventions in Historical Spaces of Segovia.

Accessible Festival of Hot Air Balloons

Gin Fashion Professional

Event that has more than 50 types of gin, where attendees can taste, smell and differentiate. There are also demonstrations of shaker skills.

  • Association of Barman of Castilla y León. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 620 272 059


CARBONERO EL MAYOR (26 km) Chess Tournament on the Street

It takes place on the last weekend of the month.

CUELLAR (60 km)

Know the Heritage of Cuéllar

By the hand of Julia Montalvillo, Director-archivist of the Municipal Historical Archive and the Foundation of the Casa de Alburquerque, the villa is visited, reaching the most singular places to know the heritage and its historical figures.

  • Historical Archive Foundation Casa Ducal de Alburquerque. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - Tel. 921 142 522

Days of Historical Investigation "Villa de Cuéllar"

Annually these days are held related to historical issues that affect the town and its region.

Cuéllar, Ponte Guapa

This month is ideal to contemplate the facades and balconies participating in the beautification contest.

EL ESPINAR (32 km)
Storytellers Festival

The evenings and nights of the municipality are filled with stories for adults and children.

International Rapid Painting Competition

LA GRANJA DE SAN ILDEFONSO (11 km) Monumental Fountains Fiesta de Santiago Apóstol

The 25 of July on the occasion of the festivity of Santiago Apóstol, put into operation all the monumental fountains of the Gardens of the Royal Palace.

NAVA DE LA ASUNCIÓN (42 km) Fast Painting Competition

Town hall. www.navadelaasuncion.org 

  • Tel. 921 580 036 / 921 581 073

RIAZA (74 km) International Fast Painting Competition

SAN RAFAEL (32 km) Painting Contest