Segovia is famous not only for its monuments and centuries-old buildings, its gastronomy is also well known and appreciated since it combines a long tradition, innovation and exquisite raw materials for a careful preparation.

Come and enjoy your suckling pig, its roasted lamb, its exquisite cheeses and endulzate with the "Ponche de Segovia"!

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Gastronomy has been and continues to be one of the greatest attractions of the province of Segovia, as well as the world-renowned centennial restaurants and inns that are frequented by intellectuals, artists, politicians, athletes ... 

You will find great sweets in every place you visit in our province, although the most famous is Ponche Segoviano. Feel free to take one home and share it with your loved ones.

The Gastronomic Agenda is loaded with calls throughout the year in the province of Segovia, promises to be very exciting. Come and participate! 

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