Trademarks and Denominations of Origin (DO)

Trademarks and Denominations of Origin (DO)



"Food of Segovia"

The "Alimentos de Segovia" brand are Segovian agri-food companies that make the quality of their products a hallmark, since there are many companies that work combining tradition, innovation and extraordinary raw materials, all together with a careful preparation.



Association "Ajo de Vallelado"

The association for the promotion of Garlic of Vallelado formed by 24 partners, was created with the purpose of putting in value the numerous qualities of garlic; A bright white garlic, with a crispy and aromatic texture and very persistent in the mouth, distinguished by its uniformity and the large size of its teeth. They are not attached as in other varieties, so they are easier to separate and clean.

  • Association "Ajo de Vallelado"
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Ribera del Duero O.D.

Roza our province in its northern end. The predominant variety is that of tempranillo, also admitting in less production the varieties cabernet-sauvignon, merlot, malbec, garnacha and albillo. The implementation of new cultivation practices, the introduction of the most modern technologies for winemaking and the rigorous control processes applied by the Regulatory Council have made the Ribera del Duero a synonym for quality.



D.O. Rueda

Located to the northwest, in the Segoviana Campiña and the one of greater tradition in our province. It is the oldest wine and wine appellation of origin in Castilla y León of the year 1980, after several years working for the recognition and protection of its autochthonous variety, the Verdejo grape.



DOP Quality Wines from Valtiendas

It is the youngest and is located in the far north. Currently the wineries in the area are concentrated in Valtiendas, which gives name to these Segovian wines, made with the same variety and with the same techniques as in the DO Ribera del Duero. The Valtiendas Professional Grape and Wine Association, created in 2004.



Wines from the Land of Castilla y León

The Denomination of Origin Wines of the Earth of Castile and Leon arises from the impulse of great traditional winemakers, this DO Wine of the Land of Castilla y León has a great culture of wine, probably the richest in the peninsula, since in his credit, we find wineries over one hundred years old, his wines stand out for quality and for a great raw material, rich in different varieties of grapes, such as varieties of white grapes such as Verdejo, or varieties Tempranillo, Tinta de Toro and Prieto picudo among others.

This classification of Wines of the Land of Castilla y León was born with the intention of protecting wines, winemakers and quality wineries that are not covered by any other Denomination of Origin in the entire Castilian territory of Leon.



IGP Chorizo ​​de Cantimpalos

The IGP Chorizo ​​de Cantimpalos emerged as a need to protect a typical product of the area, originating from a whole region that has given it its name, this brand also guarantees the protection of Chorizo ​​de Cantimpalos, encourages traditional consumption habits, promotes it at a national and international level and defends the interests of the integrating operators of the IGP.



Judgment of La Granja

This vegetable has a Guarantee Mark, "Judión de La Granja" from 2013.

The Brand intends to continue promoting the conservation, rehabilitation, recovery and enhancement of this product as a decisive element in local and provincial development.

This distinctive quality, covers those dried beans, separated from the pod of the Phaseus Coccineus variety, white, long, healthy and whole for human consumption.



The suckling pig of Segovia has all the guarantee that it is raised exclusively in the province of Segovia, passing strict quality controls, each of them carrying identifiers of the Cochinillo de Segovia Guarantee Brand. This mark ensures controlled traceability and product quality.




The PGI Lechazo de Castilla y León was born with the concern of the producers of lambs, traders, wholesalers, slaughterhouses, butchers, restaurateurs for providing quality rewards to our lamb.

The lamb is obtained from autochthonous breeds whose perfect adaptation to the environment and traditional breeding system, respecting the environment, is what makes it an excellent quality.

In Segovia, the association for the promotion of the Leguzo de Segovia "Segolechal" has been created to safeguard, promote and market the lamb of Castilla y León in our province. This association is integrated by producers, restaurants, marketers and slaughterhouses.

  • Segolechal
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