Works to improve the access road to the AVE station

Works to improve the access road to the AVE station

With this intervention the subsidence of the road will be eliminated

Work will begin on Monday, November 11, and will force one of the lanes to be cut and alternative vehicles

The City of Segovia starts on Monday 11 in November the work necessary to clean up the subsidence that exists in the access road to the AVE station, next to the bridge over the SG 20.

The intervention will focus on the transition slab located at the exit of the bridge in the direction of the station and will consist essentially of chopping the current ground, excavating the sunken terrain, replenishing the area with suitable material and executing the reinforced slab again.
The works will be carried out first in one half of the road and then in the other to avoid having to cut this road to traffic, the only way to connect with “Segovia Guiomar”. Therefore, an alternative step will be given to vehicles, including urban buses on the 11 and 12 lines, which, of course, will also be affected by the narrowing of the road and the alternate traffic.
The expected duration of the works is 4 weeks, provided that the weather allows the works to be executed.
This intervention, charged to the remaining 2018 treasury, has a budget of 18.000 euros.

The works will be properly marked and the instructions of the Local Police officers must be followed at all times.